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    Member Retest #1 - Metallinauts

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    I will be using the following Scenarios:

    1.1 Your nation is embroiled in a bitter conflict with a rival power. Play out the life of an individual in the conflict. You must use and "everyday" type of character. Put in context you will be playing the red shirt, not Captain Kirk. Take us through their part of the conflict and to its conclusion.

    2.3 You have been utterly defeated in a a campaign against a foreign power. Enemy warships orbit your home world poised to glass it. Negotiate the terms of your surrender with the aggressor's dignitaries.

    3.2 An industrial disaster of massive magnitude has just occurred in a densely populated urban region of one of your core worlds. Play a reporter who sneaks beyond the safety line and faces the dangers of the disaster to get the big scoop.

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    Re: Member Retest #1 - Metallinauts

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    TID Jormungandr

    “Do you have what it takes to be a Clock Jock” a voice questioned in the blackness.

    Captain Percival “Burnout” James groaned as woke up in his rack. His brow furrowed as he was temporarily blinded by the bright light in the bunk room. When he finally got adjusted to the room he noticed Lieutenant Henry “Slack-Jaw” Johnson looming over him. “I bought that line shit when you were still in primary school Captain” he said raising his hand to shield his eyes a moment. After a few moments he sat up and leaned slightly forward. He inhaled through his nose sharply and then stood up. “Why are you still in your flight suit, I thought that you were off patrol 3 hours ago” he said with a furrowed brow.

    “I was, AGC said I have to be on stand-by with the rest of the Red shift” Johnson said with a mild amount of irritation in his voice. “Apparently we are in Dende space now, the Terranites’ dedicated warrior clans. They are fanatical warriors that will fight a losing war AGC says” he went on to continue in a chiding tone.

    “Lock that shit up Lieutenant” James snapped. “Major Leland has seen more combat than you could ever hope to or want to. If he says it you might as well consider it as true as gravity” he told the young buck whilst donning his jump suit. “I have read the reports of these Dende. They are well trained, well equipped and well dug in. This is not going to be the cake walk the spin machine is saying it will. Conservative estimate says that in the first wave into the Epsilon Krau system can expect an 85% casualty rate” he said with kind of a grin. “Red shift is that wave, so you might want to spend more time reading your orders and running sims than bitching like a little child” he then zipped up his suit and strapped his boots. Reaching onto the shelf he put on his dog tags and walks out of the large bunk room.

    He made a right our of the pilot dorms and walked down the lengthy metallic hallway. He made his way through the throngs of pilots who just came off shift. He started to scowl a bit at how long his journey to the mess was taking. After about ten minutes or so of walking he finally got to the mess hall. He walked into the mess hall, the room was two to three times larger than the pilot dorm he lived in. Walking dead ahead he picked p a shiny stainless steel tray and queued himself in line. He could smell the eggs in line, his stomach grumbled in anticipation as he made his way through the line at a quicker than normal pace.

    After receiving his eggs and fruit he went to the senior staff section of the mess and smiled at the sights. In his years of service he has grown to liking exotic foods and beverages from other cultures and worlds not in the Federation. Picking up a metal cup that fit in one of the tray slots he walked over to a tall metal tower and placed the cup underneath a spout and turned the nozzle. A dark brownish black steaming liquid poured into the cup. He inhaled deeply and smiled, “Coffee”. On his walk to a table he thought how lucky people who hailed from earth were for being able to enjoy coffee on a daily basis.

    He sat down at a table that Major Sarah “Home-Wrecker” Leland sat. He sat down and smiled “Morning AGC. What’s the good word”.

    “There isn’t any today Captain. We are now in Dende territory. Patrols have been doubled, our clock-jocks are going to tire out quickly if we don’t make the invasion on the deadline it is supposed to” she said picking at her eggs.

    “I heard that from Slack-Jaw. The kid is scared shitless. Not that I blame him 17 out of 20 lost in in the opening incursion” he had a bite of toast that he piled his eggs on. “Sir, if you don’t mind my asking, what is the TID doing in this fight. It is not exactly our purview” he inquired finishing the question with a sip of the pungent dark brew in his cup.

    Major Leland sat silently for a moment moving her food around before she answered his question. “We suffered a catastrophic losses in the Delta Nu system trying to take the manufacturing worlds from the Terranites” she said lowly.

    “What kind of catastrophic” Johnson said almost afraid to ask.

    “We lost nearly half of the Cerberus Group including the 12 carriers assigned to the system” he said with a heavy heart.

    “Shit. Did we at least take the system” Johnson asked as he finished his fruit. He slid the tray away and started to drinking his coffee quickly realizing he had brief in 10 minutes.

    “No we did not, they were too well dug in, and they knew we were coming. They suffered heavy losses as well. But this defeat can drag this war out for another year or more. Which is why we are here. The TID can make a swift and crushing blow on the Terranites northern holds now and make a brutal morale strike as their revered warriors, the Dende are defeated” she said as she finally ate. “You might want to get going Captain, brief is in 10 minutes” she tapped her wrist.

    Johnson got up and briskly walked out of the mess. He arrived in the briefing room with a little more than two minutes to spare.

    Major Daniel Roberts walked in from the side door down by the podium in the room. "Lock it down you amateurs" he looked around the room as the veteran squads finished their conversations "I SAID LOCK IT UP YOU SHIT HEADS".

    He looked out to the sea of faces that just learned he was not in the mood for games, "About 4 hours ago we passed into Dende space, these guys are tough, rough and ready to fuck. The average Dende is raised from the day he can walk to the age of 20 for a very specific job in their armed forces. That means that their pilots have been training to kill you since before you were in the service for some of you. They know their machine's limitations frontwards and backwards, they will fuck you and not call you in the morning ladies. As such, I want tight formations out there, I don't want anyone hotdoggin' it out there and god help you if I hear any unnecessary wet-wire chatter".

    A hand rose up from Johnson's wing, it was Lieutenant Aaron "Mudflaps" Grey, the dumbest jock in the Purple shift. "Yeah, Major, I don't really see why purple has to be on patrol, we should be the ones to call in when shit hits the fan don't you think" he looked around the room as if he made some sort of monumental statement.

    "Lieutenant, you will all be on rotation with all the other shifts. If we are gonna get outta here alive I need all of my pilots equally rested, do I make myself clear" the Major said as if he was talking to a child.

    "But Major, all due respect, 85% of the red shift ain't comin' back, why do should they get sleep? It's not like they are gonna be in short supply in a day or so" he grinned like he had a superior argument and he was going to get rewarded for it.

    "You want sleep Mudflaps? Fine, I am moving you to red shift, you are wing leader alpha, I will see you in 8 hours for briefing, you are dismissed" the Major said, his voice was showing that he had lost his patience.

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