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    Testing Guidelines


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    Testing Guidelines

    Post  Metallinauts on Thu Dec 30, 2010 5:26 pm

    What the testing process is:

    • Each test is scored out of a possible 100 points.
    • In order to receive a passing grade you must score a total of 255 points or more between the three tests.
    • You will will be graded on a universal standard. This can be found later down the thread.
    • If you receive a PASSING score you MUST agree to and sign the ESUS Charter
    • If you receive a FAILING score you must wait a period of 2 WEEKS before reapplying.
    • If you fail the test you may not use the same scenarios again. (see below)
    • Recruiting an active member to aid you in error correction and refinement is grounds for an automatic failure
    • If possible, please provide a sample of previous RP experience. If none, please list any applicable experience in this type of game (e.g. Chat RPGs, Table Top RPGs etc.)

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    Re: Testing Guidelines

    Post  Metallinauts on Thu Dec 30, 2010 7:56 pm

    The Test:

    Category 1 - Military

    1.1 Your nation is embroiled in a bitter conflict with a rival power. Play out the life of an individual in the conflict. You must use an "everyday" type of character. Put in context you will be playing the red shirt, not Captain Kirk. Take us through their part of the conflict and to its conclusion.

    1.2 You are a spy for your nation who is in deep cover in a foreign power. Your nation enjoys lukewarm but peaceful relations with this foreign entity. You uncover a potential plot for invasion/assassination(your choice) against your nation. However you are unsure if these are the genuine article or false documents designed to flush you out. Play out which it is and the ramifications that result of your actions.

    1.3 A plague has struck your most developed world/habitat and undergone quarantine. Your government cannot afford to abandon the place because it is a key ship manufacturing and trading component for your nation. The only solution that your government can come up with is to cleanse the planet via bombardment leaving the docks safe and then rebuild. Play out either someone attempting to flee the planet or a member of the clean up crew or rebuilding effort.

    Category 2 - Diplomacy

    2.1 Older more powerful ESUS members desire to wage war with an equally powerful alliance. However you do not have the economy/military(your choice) to engage in what is certainly going to be a long, bloody and costly conflict. Play out the diplomatic talks between you and an older ESUS nation and the result of said talks.

    2.2 A radical group has committed persistent attacks on your nation's infrastructure and civilian population. The nation they hail from has done nothing to apprehend or cease these attacks and seem to endorse them. The people of your nation cry for retribution. Normally you would declare war on the belligerent nation; but there is a problem. These radicals are operating out of a fellow ESUS nation. Play out the hostile and tense negotiations.

    2.3 You have been utterly defeated in a a campaign against a foreign power. Enemy warships orbit your home world poised to glass it. Negotiate the terms of your surrender with the aggressor's dignitaries.

    Category 3 - Miscellaneous

    3.1 Crime has run rampant in your nation since some major event has occurred (your choice) Play out the life of an ordinary citizen, a criminal or an officer of the peace during a day in this crisis.

    3.2 An industrial disaster of massive magnitude has just occurred in a densely populated urban region of one of your core worlds. Play a reporter who sneaks beyond the safety line and faces the dangers of the disaster to get the big scoop.

    3.3 It is time to Christen a new flag ship for your fleet. The ceremony goes swimmingly until some sort of sabotage/terrorism (your choice) rocks the ceremony and creates a dangerous environment for all present. Play out the situation to its completion from the perspective of a civilian.

    • You will chose 1 scenario from each category and play them out to the best of your ability.

    • You have 2 WEEKS from the creation of your thread to complete the test. At the end of the two week period it will be locked and you will receive a failing grade. If you need more than two weeks due to RL problems, feel free to let us know and we can work it out.


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    Re: Testing Guidelines

    Post  Metallinauts on Thu Dec 30, 2010 8:10 pm

    The Score Sheet:

    • As mentioned above each test is out of 100 possible points and you need an accumulated 255 points to pass.

    • Below is the scoring system used for every test.

    R-ESUS Official Score Sheet

    0/5 Grammar and Syntax
    0/15 Character
    0/25 Dialogue
    0/25 Imagery
    0/30 Plot


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    Re: Testing Guidelines

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